What You Can Do To Prevent Your Loved Ones From Becoming Addicted?

It is very important to educate the children in this aspect. And how not to give in to the peer pressure of wanting to do drugs. It is very important that children are educated in this aspect and prevented from ever getting into the habit of this addiction!

Is someone you know addicted t substances? Are they self-harming themselves? Heartbroken at seeing them like that? Wondering how you can be of help? Well, as a mum who found out her only kid is highly addicted to substances like meth and cocaine. I can relate to how I saw my world come crumbling down. It was a huge blow to our family of three. We couldn’t understand why a son who had almost everything he’d ever want become addicted to such substances and destroy his own life.

Well, actually looking into the matter deeply, I found out that he had been using it for quite a long time and we had found out after almost a year!

Look for the Signs

First you need to identify if your loved one has become addicted to any substance. Some easily identifiable symptoms are signs of withdrawal, depression, easily hurt or angry and in most cases loss of interest in family issues. Especially if it is a kid you should be able to easily identify the signs. You should also try to get your loved ones to open up to you at all times. Try talking to them about their activities and social life. If it is a kid make sure that he or she is not being bullied into using substances. 

Educate them of the effects

You need to educate your loved ones of the effects of addictive substances. Not only does it have huge effects on a person’s physical appearance. But also on a person’s health conditions. Addiction rehabilitation have pamphlets and handouts that you can obtain and give them to read. Even their websites will have valuable information on how to avoid an addiction and overcome it. Also make sure that you show them photos of addicts before the addiction and after.

Help them seek help

Most often than not, people are shy to seek help. They are afraid of the comments that others would have to tell. Seeking help doesn’t mean simply visiting the drug and alcohol rehab occasionally. It also means that you talk to a specialist therapist on how to get over the addiction. You should also encourage them to get help. Show them your fullest support. And let them stay anonymous if they wish to. Don’t tell others of their addiction and help they are seeking if they are not comfortable with it.


In conclusion, it is important that you keep in mind that every person is different. And handling one person’s addiction will be very much different to handling another person’s. Always remember that the ultimate goal is to help your loved one seek help and overcome the addiction. Don’t ever let the person down or go to advise them on why they shouldn’t be doing it. They are either going to deny it or lie to your face. So you need to tactically tackle them and ensure that are able to reach out to you at all times!